FCF30 Online

FCF30 is a short 30 minute total workout designed for someone who wants to workout at home or travels a lot with limited access to equipment. Each workout will have a warm up, a workout, and a cool down.

  • $9.99/month if add on
  • $19.99/month if stand alone
  • 5 workouts per week
Ask a Coach to add this to existing training plan

Example FCF30 Workout:

Day 1

General Warmup(10 min)
3 rounds for quality:
1:00 jump rope (singles or doubles)
10 bottom-up kb presses R/L
10 suitcase deadlifts R/L

MetCon(12 min)
12 Minute AMRAP
150 air squats/med ball front squats
90 double unders/180 singles/2 foot plate hops
30 burpees over the DB

Day 2

General Warmup(10 min)
200m jog
3 rounds for quality of:
10 hollow rocks
10 arch rocks
10 rig assisted air squats w/3 second hold at the bottom

MetCon(15 min)

For Time:
DB Thrusters (35/20)
400m-200m-100m Run

Time cap: 6:00

-Rest 3 minutes-

3 Rounds of:
200m run
10 burpees over the DB

Time cap: 6:00