FCF Strength Online

  1. Focuses on building strength.
  2. Includes classic strength, EMOMs, metcons, Olympic Lifting, Powerlifting, Dballs, Tire Flips, etc.
  3. For those struggling with 1 rep maxes, cycling heavy weights, or medium weights in metcons.

This Strength Bias will focus on building strength and improvements in the Olympic and Power Lifts as well as cycling heavy weights in a variety of ways. The Strength Bias is made for individuals that are already well rounded to a certain extent. They may have some success in workouts with gymnastics, lighter loads, and/or high metabolic conditioning. These individuals may struggle more with heavier weights and medium/heavy conditioning workouts. This Bias will focus on improvements in these areas.

  • $19.99/month
  • 3-4 workouts per week
  • Access to private Facebook group
Ask a Coach to add to existing training plan

Example FCF Strength Workout:

General Warmup(10 min)

3 rounds
1:00 row
10 single leg Pallof press R/L
10 single leg suitcase DL R/L


Specific Warmup
Bergener Warmup, Positions, & Jerk progression with PVC
Bergener Warmup, Positions & Jerks with empty bar

**Bergener Warmup(variation)

  • With a PVC, 3 reps of:
    • Down/Up Shrug
    • Down/Up High Pull
    • Down/Up Muscle clean
    • Power clean from pos 2
    • Squat clean from pos 3


Overhead Squat
(3 sets of 5 to build to heavy 5 rep)

Snatch Balance
(3 sets of 3 to build to heavy 3)

Hang Snatch
(3 sets of 1 to build to heavy single)

Cool Down
2:00 min couch stretch each side
2:00 min pigeon stretch each side