FCF Complete Online

The FCF Compete program is the most detailed and complete program we offer. The Compete program is a more structured program including higher volume, high level gymnastics, and heavy loading.  This program offers volume in all aspects of strength, conditioning, and gymnastics at precisely scheduled times throughout the year.  We suggest this program for only athletes that have competed in multiple Open seasons. This program will usually take around 2-3 hours to complete each day and may need to be broken up into multiple sessions.

  • $24.99/month
  • 6 workouts per week
Ask a Coach to add to existing training plan

Sample FCF Compete Programming:

General Warmup(10 min)
200m easy jog
Hinshaw Warmup

  1. High Knee Karaoke
  2. Over the Hurdle
  3. Knee to Chest
  4. Figure 4
  5. Lunge w/reach up
  6. Lunge w/twist
  7. Toe Touch
  8. High Knee (in place for 3s then move)
  9. Butt Kick (in place for 3s then move)
  10. Straight leg drill (in place for 3s then move)
  11. Side shuffles
  12. Side shuffle w/jumping jack

Specific Warmup(8 min)

Bergener Warmup, Positions, & Jerk progression with PVC
Bergener Warmup, Positions & Jerks with empty bar

**Bergener Warmup(variation)

With a PVC, 3 reps of:

  • Down/Up Shrug
  • Down/Up High Pull
  • Down/Up Muscle clean
  • Power clean from pos 2
  • Squat clean from pos 3

Strength(16 min)

Clean and Jerk 1 RM
EMOM 3 Rounds
3 Clean and Jerks
Every 90 seconds 3 Rounds
2 Clean and Jerks
E2MOM 4 Rounds
1 Clean and Jerk

Strength – WRD 10/06/17

Overhead Squat (3 sets of 5 to build to heavy 5 rep)
Snatch Balance (3 sets of 3 to build to heavy 3)
Hang Snatch (3 sets of 1 to build to heavy single)

MetCon(10 min)

40 cal row
50 wall ball shots (20/14)
10 squat cleans (135/95)

Target Time: 6:00
Time Cap: 10:00

MetCon(12 min)

Power Snatch 95#
Bar Muscle Up
Target Time:  7:00

Time Cap: 12:00

Cool Down(10 min)

2:00 min couch stretch each side
2:00 min pigeon stretch each side